Malcolm & Denise M. Johnson ~Entrepreneur of the Week~

Malcolm and Denise M. Johnson are entrepreneurs. They like to use their creativity to "do it all". Malcolm illustrates, and writes and makes music. Denise writes poetry and stories. Johnson Jr Family Books is the name of their business, where they promote early childhood education. Let's hear their journey in their words! 1. Please Describe Malcolm and... Continue Reading →


Health Benefits Of Drinking Copper Vessel Water

Copper (Tamra) is an essential trace mineral element for human health. Our body can not synthesize copper so our daily diet must supply the sufficient amount of copper. Copper is packed with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticarcinogenic properties. It also neutralizes the toxins of our body. Deficiency of the copper may lead to a various range... Continue Reading →

Life Is Like Water…

Life is like water, The water of the river. The water which flows continuously, It can't be stored, It can't be stopped, It goes on, It flows, There might come obstacles, There might come places with no definite path, It meanders, It creates oxbows, And continue to flow, It can't go back, It can't reach early... Continue Reading →

Gail L Frailey ~Artist of the Week~

Gail L Frailey is a writer and an artist. She has actively pursued her career as an artist and currently dabbles in creative writing and painting ceramics. Let's hear her inspiring journey in her words! Please Describe Gail L Frailey: Answer: I am the wife of a retired, disabled Vet; a mom; a grandmother; a cancer survivor;... Continue Reading →

Mark Edmondson ~Writer of the Week~

Mark Edmondson is a writer and the author of the crime fiction novel called The Beast of Bodmin. Let's hear his inspiring journey in his words! 1. Please describe Mark Edmondson: Answer: I’m 41 years old. I live in Atherton, Manchester with my wife Maggi and grandson Joe. I own two tropical fish stores. I enjoy... Continue Reading →

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