Creativity Isn’t Limited Upto Humans

It's ok if you can't understand your life; It's ok if you don't know what is going on in your life; Your job is neither to understand nor to know; Even those tiny marine animals were not cognizant of the artistic design they would make; They just continued... and the result is here... πŸ™‚ Just... Continue Reading →


Ready Player One As I See It

Lately, it happened to watch a movie "Ready Player One" directed and produced by Steven Spielberg. A 3D movie with an exceptional concept left me stunned. here i am not going to tell you the detailed story, you should give it a watch πŸ˜‰ Well, i could perceive few things differently from the movie, they... Continue Reading →

Do You Want To Retain Your Customer For A Lifetime? Here Is The Solution!

"We are the best service provider in the market...", "We have various range of the services available to match your requirement...", "Our service standards are high...", etc. The dulcet tones of the sales are popular in the market. Sometimes, providing best services itself isn't enough. It's ok to have some unexpected lacking in the services... Continue Reading →

A Cup Of Tea!

Good idea, Let’s have a cup of Tea! Having a cup of tea, another idea popped up! And this is how_ New start up___started New relationship___began Long lasted conflict___ended Incredible painting___ canvassed Fascinating music beats___Composed Creative graphics___designed New deal__cracked Phonic Words___penned down Have an enlivening sip!   Regards, Phonic Words  

Are You Going Through Bad Time? Watch Your Watch!

"The bad phase of my life started and i stopped wearing a wristwatch", I have heard this sentence several times from various people so far. Why should you stop wearing watch?! Watches are immune and have no role in your bad phase πŸ˜‰ Why do you think that your time isn't going well and you... Continue Reading →

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