Ownership_The Powerful Word


After spending a few hours of introspection concentric to one word “Ownership” I came to know the influence of this powerful word to anyone’s life or to any organisation. Most problems are arises due to lack of sense of ownership in personal life, social life and professional life.

How beautiful is that if people take ownership of their responsibilities! This is an exceptional quality to be carried.

  • Take the ownership of your thoughts so they won’t bother you every now and then
  • Take the ownership of your failure so you won’t shadow yourself by stupid excuses, rather you will identify, rectify mistakes and try harder to get your desired results
  • Take the ownership of your success so you won’t become a victim of ego and arrogance, instead, you will inspire and influence masses as a leader
  • Take the ownership of social and cultural responsibilities so you won’t have to suffer to fit in the upsurge of socio-cultural difference
  • Take the ownership of your rights and duties as a citizen so you won’t have to face national emergencies and external aggression
  • Take the ownership of your responsibilities in any relationship so you won’t have to suffer heartbreak

We want a change and want to change, we are working on the same still we are facing the backsliding. Resulting, we overthink and scream on the same but we fail to analyse it. To be responsible is not enough. Alone, responsibilities will not change your attitude and actions but the sense of ownership would surely. You may get frustrated and distracted from your responsibilities but you wouldn’t in case of ownership.

Ownership will automatically define your actions and behaviour to any person or to any task. This is the basic quality of personality that doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden just like that but people can surely edify which is quite possible.

“Cultivate the healthy habits and have a ownership of your habits!” –Phonic Words



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