Are You Going Through Bad Time? Watch Your Watch!





“The bad phase of my life started and I stopped wearing a wristwatch”, I have heard this sentence several times from various people so far.

Why should you stop wearing a watch?! Watches are immune and have no role in your bad phase 😉 Why do you think that your time isn’t going well and you should put off wearing a watch?!

I am not getting the logic behind!

In fact, One should surely wear a watch during a bad phase 🙂


  • Watch your time precisely and learn how to make it correct
  • Bad time will show you who are there to stand along with
  • Revolving second hand will keep you reminded that this time is not going to last forever. Any minute soon now it will pass
  • An hour hand will keep you reminded that Rome wasn’t built in a day thus teaches you patience

Rather, You shouldn’t wear a watch when it’s a good time because a good time shouldn’t be measured by rotating hands.

“Live it Fullest and immeasurable!”



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