How To Move On?

The morning was exceptionally good that day, I glided the curtain, it was drizzling outside; aromatic refreshing atmosphere. Being a tea lover, the first notion came to mind_Let’s make a tea to make a full use of beautiful atmosphere.

I made a cup of tea, put it on a table and played white noise music in the background. I was taking an undue advantage of the awesome weather; wrote a few lines on some topic! In the middle of this, due to carelessness teacup got slipped and broken. I didn’t have a single sip of tea and being a morning tea, it was annoying. I felt bad. I threw the pieces of a broken cup into the dustbin. unboxed a new cup, made a fresh tea, enjoyed it and the tea was exceptionally good.

While having my tea i wrote,” Many times in our life things doesn’t turn the way we have planned and the way we want. Such things are like broken teacup; need to toss out.

Move on from the things no longer existing and start living the reality; I am sure you will enjoy your life exceptionally!


Phonic Words




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