Do You Want To Retain Your Customer For A Lifetime? Here Is The Solution!

“We are the best service provider in the market…”, “We have various range of the services available to match your requirement…”, “Our service standards are high…”, etc. The dulcet tones of the sales are popular in the market.

Sometimes, providing best services itself isn’t enough.

It’s ok to have some unexpected lacking in the services in your business but you can’t afford to have any discount in solution to provide at the time of its need.

A couple of weeks back, one customer waited for almost an hour to meet me. Amazingly when nobody has a time nowadays! I got surprised to know the reason behind when i met him; the reason was just to say Thank You! ” I am glad and satisfied with the solution you had provided me, the solution to my problem at right time was appreciable, I am happy with the services, Thank you :)” – These were the words of a customer.

These words forced me to contemplate. That day one customer taught me a good lesson,“You can get a number of customers or clients by offering best services but the effective solution to a problem at the right time will help you to retain your customers or clients for the lifetime”

“Services are incomplete without right solution at right time” – Phonic Words

Happy selling solution!


Phonic Words

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