Wake Up and Set Your Alarm!


Hello, My dear friends,

Hope you are doing awesome!

Yesterday, I was putting an alarm for the next day at that time I thought, what will happen if I don’t put my alarm?

Next day, I won’t wake up on time…..haha…..as simple as that 😜

Well, I have a question for you!

Do we really wake up daily when alarm rings?

Yes, we do. But, unconsciously!

Isn’t it?πŸ€”

We are not realising how foolishly we are wasting our time and energy by waking up unconsciously daily!!!

Almost all the time we are living in some or other delusion.

Unconsciously we are wasting our time on useless things which have no role to play in the capacity building of our life!!!

Correct me if I am wrong here, once we come back home after grocery shopping, we always double check the shopped items are there or not as per the bill, right?!

Do we double check on our day? How did we spend it today?

Let’s do this practice_

Step 1: Take a pen and piece of paper, list your all activities you did the entire day.

Step 2: Then, have a sip of tea😜 and one by one look up to the list and ask these three questions.

Question 1: How worthy was it doing?

Question 2: Was that really necessary?

Question 3: What did/will you get by doing that?

Step 3: Finish your tea and WAKE UP!

By this time you must have realised where the corrections are required.

Wake up and correct them consciously.

“Awaken your Awareness” – Phonic Words

Ahhh…..Tonight, don’t forget to put an alarm to WAKE UP on Time 😜…..the consciousness is waiting for you there!

Happy Morning!


Phonic Words




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