Ready Player One As I See It


Lately, it happened to watch the movie “Ready Player One” directed and produced by Steven Spielberg.

A 3D movie with an exceptional concept left me stunned. here i am not going to tell you the detailed story, you should give it a watch 😉

Well, i could perceive a few things differently from the movie, they are…

  • First_ The first clue, Drive a few seconds backwards

By doing so the player (an actor) was able to get the first key to finding an easter egg since he was put on the smooth road by driving a few seconds backwards.

” Don’t be upset on few setbacks in life, they are happened to put you on the smooth road leading to successful and satisfactory life. Trust your journey and trust almighty” – Phonic Words

  • Second_ The player (an actor) ignored a big-dark birthmark surrounding one eye of a fellow female player(an actress) when they met in real life!

By doing so he (an actor) won her heart and got a backbone support and all possible sacrifices by her (an actress) to find the second key to finding an easter egg.

“Find a real beauty in your girl/man, without your partner’s support and sacrifice it’s difficult to walk around the earth! Not only your partner, your family and your best buddies are equally important in this journey called ‘Life’. Choose and nurture them wisely” – Phonic Words

  • Third_ The last clue_’Continue to play’

By his (an actor) keen observation and apt analysis of the situation before to get the third key to finding an easter egg, he got the clue_‘Continue to play’ where other players had failed because they tried to win the game!!! and by this way, he (an actor) got the third key and an easter egg finally.

“We are given a birth to live this beautiful life and experience this beautiful world, give up the fragile ego, vaunt, crazy attitude to win everything and stupid customs. ‘Life is given to live it not to win it’. There you will get your Easter egg (i.e. Heaven)” – Phonic Words

Live the moments!



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