Trusting Social Media Over Humanity!!!

Two days back one goose bumpy incident has happened in Ahmedabad city, women lynched over social media rumours! Four women who were beggars thrashed by a mob trusting social media rumours that they belong to child lifting gang and out of four women, one woman embraced death owing to hard thrash! There's a well-known phrase,... Continue Reading →


Content Marketing, A Treasure For Your Business

"Content Is A King", A quote originally written by Microsoft founder Bill Gates in his essay in 1996. Nowadays when internet marketing has gotten it's pace, content plays a centric role to taste a success. When it comes to internet marketing, content is a game changer. Content marketing is a tool which will help you... Continue Reading →

Child Labour, The Cause Needs Attention!

Good Evening Friends, Let's talk about the trending topic of the day " World Day Against Child Labour". Today, 12th June is observed as a World Day Against Child Labour, sanctioned holiday and launched by International Labour Organisation in 2002 to promote the movement against Child Labour across the globe. This day is observed by... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Just A Tourist…!

Hello friends, I hope life is treating you well! You must have had visited your favourite destination this summer. Most of you are back from your vacation now. I hope you must have had enjoyed it. The tourism industry is getting awesome day by day. They provide handsome packages and tour guide to make your tour... Continue Reading →

Sarcasm On Universal Digitalisation

I think now it's more than enough for technology to grow_ We, idiots, are enough capable to produce more idiots; We have already ruined our life, Culture, Traditions, Health, Future, Environment, Ecology, Other planets, Space, etc. I think molten magma is nothing but the tears of crying beloved earth! Regards, Phonic Words    

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