Are You Drawing Correct Diagram?


I was working on the analytical and logical reasoning; very interesting and best mental exercise one can do. To my surprise, I inferred wrongly three times out of ten statements.
I took a pause since the topic itself denotes”analytical” and started analysing where was I wrong?!

There I came to know that I understood the statements correctly but I drew the diagrams incorrectly from where I deduced the wrong! Believe me, that sounded little funny but it has an important lesson.

An enlivening sip of my favourite drink Tea 😉 pushed me to give a thought on this. In every walk of the life, how many times do we draw diagrams incorrectly?!

“Sometimes, Wrong analysis and wrong inference are culprits, not anything or anyone else!” – Phonic Words

🙂 Go and check, where have you been incorrectly drawing them? Correct the method. And there you are!


Phonic Words

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