Don’t Be Just A Tourist…!


Hello friends,

I hope life is treating you well!

You must have had visited your favourite destination this summer. Most of you are back from your vacation now. I hope you must have had enjoyed it.

The tourism industry is getting awesome day by day. They provide handsome packages and tour guide to make your tour informative, enjoyable and memorable one.

Well, expansion of tourism and entry of tourists to human immune areas is one of the major concerns for the environment. We visit them to enjoy, rejuvenate and experience a change but in return, we damage and spoil its natural beauty intentionally or unintentionally.

Nature can retain it’s natural beauty as long as it is free from human invasion. Once humans start visiting any place, it invites development; transportation, construction of hotels to stay, small-scale industries, market and what not!!! Primarily it leads to consumption of the resources available to survive and then noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution, plastic waste, unfavourable environment for local habitats.

Having said that, One should not just be a tourist!!! of course, this planet is to explore and experience its beauty but we need to be careful not to spoil it such a way that it will lose its natural beauty.

Recently we have celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June. it was marked by few conferences on climate change and how to deal with, few blogs and articles on that day, somewhere it was tree plantation programmes and somewhere it was another occasion to run a discount offers to attract customers! Let’s be responsible for our native planet. It’s perfectly fine if we are not able to participate in any campaign but at least we can try not to spoil it further!

Save Nature!


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