Child Labour, The Cause Needs Attention!


Good Evening Friends,

Let’s talk about the trending topic of the day ” World Day Against Child Labour“.

Today, 12th June is observed as a World Day Against Child Labour, sanctioned holiday and launched by International Labour Organisation in 2002 to promote the movement against Child Labour across the globe. This day is observed by United Nations member states.

Employment of children in any work which deprives their childhood and thus their deprivation to attend school and harm to social, mental and physical wellbeing is termed as a child labour.

Forced labour, child/human trafficking, drug trafficking, etc are demon faces of the Child Labour.

There are various underlying reasons can be summed up which are responsible for child labour:

  • Poverty, where there is a need to work to support family income and survival
  • Cultural tradition, some segment of the society believes that the engagement of children in work is good for them as a part of skill development
  • Lack of / poor availability and awareness of the education, this acts as an attention divergent factor. where the facility is not available they do not have any option than to involve in child labour
  • Industrial growth, where labour demand is high, and child labour is available at lower wages, etc.

It’s not a cake walk but it can be eradicated by promoting education, awareness, welfare policies for poor, checks on overpopulation, various measures to curb poverty, eagle eye on illicit activities by cops and officials, active participation of each individual in this campaign with a strong intolerance towards Child Labour.

Say No to Child Labour!


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