Control Your Food!

There have been many debates on the popular topic “Eat to Live or Live to Eat“. Well, it’s really difficult to have clear demarcation as nearly both are relatively true!

One should eat properly to live because we live to eat; Sounds funny but it is true. Having healthy food has a number of advantages to your health; mental & physical both. Eating healthy food will keep you away from various health problems. If you are suffering from any ill health, following a healthy diet will boost your recovery.


Food and Health, both the terms are interlinked and they have been taken together always. Here I would take this slightly different way, ” If you can control your food you may able to control nearly everything”. I feel if one can control the temptation of food and desire for different taste, it’s a big achievement. To follow restricted and healthy diet is the matter of self-control, control over senses and mind. I take this as a part of self-discipline. It is never easy to give up on the temptation of palates. One can only have a grip over if they have managed to control their mind & desires.

I see successful people, I see a controlled diet. Good food has a healthy effect on body and mind, of course, the healthy thought process is an outcome of it. Eat healthily and be wealthy!

Have a healthy controlled food!


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