Father’s Day, Much Above The Cake Celebration

She was young, yet to bloom.

She had her own aspirations_own dreams_

She had been told by her father to devote her life to the country.

It was not just a job or a task but she had been put to life danger live mission.

The mission_ Spy!

Yes, i am talking about the movie “Raazi” directed by Meghna Gulzar which is an adaption of the Harinder Sikka’s novel “Calling Sehmat” based on real events.

This movie has made a huge profit on box office, even i strongly recommend this movie_ give it a watch!

Everybody has praised Sehmat Sayed (Khan) for her bravo success in the mission, i too. It was commendable and words are trivial to describe her sacrifice for the country. Behind the scene, it was her father who had thought to raise her like a dutiful citizen, decide to send her to another country as a spy by marrying her to an unknown guy!!! Indeed her father took a brave stand.


Today, on 17th June 2018 world is celebrating fathers day. I thought to remember this brave and uncommon story, the contribution of a father in our lives is unmatched.

Tons of salute to Sehmat’s father and to all the fathers who have been contributing to the nation, society and the world by raising their children through meaningful and sensible decisions.

One day can’t justify and not enough to celebrate the contribution of the father in anyone’s life, Father’s Day is much above the cake celebration!


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