Trusting Social Media Over Humanity!!!


Two days back one goose bumpy incident has happened in Ahmedabad city, women lynched over social media rumours! Four women who were beggars thrashed by a mob trusting social media rumours that they belong to child lifting gang and out of four women, one woman embraced death owing to hard thrash!

There’s a well-known phrase, “There is no direction of a mob” which fits well here.

Here, i have a serious question on humanity! Are we seriously able to be called as an intelligent??? No….not at all. We are well qualified dumb and stupid who have lost the wisdom and sight to see the truth! I would say this incident is a murder of a human by the inhumanity.

I wonder, how could we believe any #WhatsApp or #Facebook message so blindly?!

Wake up boss_ come out of the world of mere show off and the world of social media. Live the life as a life in the real world which is worth living. Use #social media as a tool and be wise enough not to be used by it.

You have gotten a natural supreme power called”Intelligence” being human, Don’t act as an #Artificial intelligence!

I have a lot to say on “How beautifully social media is ruining our life”, Ohh yea_ this will be my next write up…till then stay connected with Phonic Words 🙂

Be Human, It’s worth being!!!

Phonic Words






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