Deep Mehta, Co-Founder at Digichefs

"Entrepreneur of the Week" Deep Mehta, Co-Founder at Digichefs. Digital chefs at  Digichefs knows how to make you taste digital marketing success by putting ingredients of extraordinary marketing and business strategies. It's not less if i say 'You name it and they will make it' for Digichefs. Let's meet One of the digital chefs at Digichefs the versatile, young and... Continue Reading →


Why Should You Go An Average?

"Going an average, doing what you love and loving what you do itself is a process of becoming an excellent" - Phonic Words Sometimes, the valuable time goes waste in the process of becoming excellent. And, In that process, the real joy of living life, creativity and artistic sides go missing. This Realisation comes when... Continue Reading →

Deepak Yewle, Co-Founder at Digichefs

  "Entrepreneur of the Week" Deepak Yewle, Co-Founder at Digichefs. Have you ever heard about Digital Chefs? Digital Chefs knows what all ingredients to put into the digital business to get the best Return On Investment. Let me make you meet the young, dynamic and talented Deepak Yewle, One of the digital chef at Digichefs. Meet Deepak Yewle Deepak... Continue Reading →

Sales Is Everything About Selling #Sales Rules

  "Sales is everything about selling, And your customer will teach you how to sell" -Phonic Words I hope you have had done amazing with your last month sales targets and lucrative incentives must be coming your way!!! I'm pretty sure, this month too, you are all set to hit it hard. Sometimes, it happens... Continue Reading →

Rahul Mhetre_An Artist Who Paints innocence!

Are you a fascinated art lover? Do you love paintings? Let me make you meet the talented artist Mr.Rahul Mhetre! Meet Mr.Rahul Mhetre Rahul Mhetre hails from Solapur in Maharashtra. He completed formal art education at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune. His multifaceted thematic work has been showcased in several leading art galleries such as Jahangir Art... Continue Reading →

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