Rahul Mhetre_An Artist Who Paints innocence!

Are you a fascinated art lover? Do you love paintings? Let me make you meet the talented artist Mr.Rahul Mhetre!

Growth 32x32inch Acrylic on canvas

Meet Mr.Rahul Mhetre


Rahul Mhetre hails from Solapur in Maharashtra. He completed formal art education at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune. His multifaceted thematic work has been showcased in several leading art galleries such as Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai, Nehru Center Art Gallery Mumbai etc., in solo as well as group art shows. His paintings have been a part many group art shows organized by NGOs such as concern India foundation Mumbai, Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) Mumbai, CRY Foundation Mumbai etc.

Rahul Mhetre’s Paintings

( You may Connect with him on Facebook to know more)

He has been fascinated by nature and its wonders since childhood. Also, simple things in life such as flowers, petals, their fragrance, seasonal highlights like mist, snow, rains, bright sunshine etc., along with innocence and happy emotions in the sensitive minds of young girls often amaze him and in turn leave a deep visual impact on his mind. As a result, he has always incorporated these icons and visual idioms in his work via good tonal rhythm and harmony of various colours. His work often reveals sentimental mindscapes of young sensitive girl either alone or in the company of others in background arenas of nature and its miracles. He has endeavoured to depict the feelings of happiness and joy in his presentations based on many things.

You may reach out to Mr.Rahul Mhetre

Write to: Rahuljmhetre@gmail.com or Dial: 91- 9967007604 / 8830432656

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