Deepak Yewle, Co-Founder at Digichefs


“Entrepreneur of the Week”

Deepak Yewle, Co-Founder at Digichefs.

Have you ever heard about Digital Chefs?

Digital Chefs knows what all ingredients to put into the digital business to get the best Return On Investment.

Let me make you meet the young, dynamic and talented Deepak Yewle, One of the digital chef at Digichefs.

Meet Deepak Yewle

IMG-20180717-WA0000.jpgDeepak is a Co-Founder at Digichefs and Visiting faculty at Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE), Mumbai, India.

He is a Computer Engineer bachelor from Mumbai University, India. He started his career as a Business analyst and Web analyst, being an entrepreneur personality he chose to be his own boss at the age when most people don’t know what career path to choose.

Apart from working for his passion, he loves reading, working out, helping people, public speaking and doing research on anything that makes him curious.

Indeed, Deepak is an example and inspiration to many who want to paint the career of their passion and on own terms.

Data-Driven Business? Deepak is a person to meet over a cup of Tea

Deepak is passionate about data analytics, strategy development and business development.

He excels in skills of marketing strategies & business plans for prospects across different verticals. His core expertise lies in Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Online Reputation Management(ORM), Analytics.

Do you want to know what all quality digital ingredients are required to grow your business?

Contact Deepak for an expert digital marketing strategy or even if you need to have a mentorship session for your students, his expertise can help you in both.

You may connect with Deepak Click here.

Write to:

Dial: +91-8268589075

Visit: Digichefs

Stay tuned to Phonic Words to know about next digital chef at Digichefs!

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