Why Should You Go An Average?

“Going an average, doing what you love and loving what you do itself is a process of becoming an excellent” – Phonic Words

clouds dream grass grassland
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Sometimes, the valuable time goes waste in the process of becoming excellent.


In that process, the real joy of living life, creativity and artistic sides go missing.

This Realisation comes when the time left is limited or an appropriate time has gone already!

It’s very human nature to dream big!

Work hard to achieve it, Of course, one should try hard-work hard to achieve the dream.


Have you checked that dream is realistic and practical enough? Owing to that you are not missing your life to live in real terms?

Sometimes, in a process to achieve a big dream we miss to live small dreams! Isn’t it?


This is subject to an individual’s goals in their life 🙂


It’s always good to check on the process of becoming excellent, the big success and achievement shouldn’t come with the repent later on that you didn’t live your life and the time has gone!

If becoming excellent is costing your small-small joyful moments, family, creativity, art and something which you really love to do, It’s always a smart choice to go an average!

Phonic Words




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