Deep Mehta, Co-Founder at Digichefs

“Entrepreneur of the Week”

Deep Mehta, Co-Founder at Digichefs.

Digital chefs at  Digichefs knows how to make you taste digital marketing success by putting ingredients of extraordinary marketing and business strategies.

It’s not less if i say ‘You name it and they will make it’ for Digichefs.

Let’s meet One of the digital chefs at Digichefs the versatile, young and inspiring personality Deep Mehta.

Meet Deep Mehta

Deep Mehta Cofounder DigiChefsDeep is a Co-Founder at Digichefs, a complete package of leadership and marketing strategist.

He has done a bachelor of engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication from Mumbai University, Mumbai, India.

Being a person who doesn’t settle for anything less than what he wants, he left his job career as a Business Analyst and started Digichefs.

Digichefs LLP is a digital marketing agency started 3 years ago and now is a team of 25 people delivering solutions to businesses across the world.

When he is not busy in business meetings with Clients, He loves to go for a long walk, Listen to music, watching movies, grab some motivational contents. He has been delivering an inspiring talk on How to start a Startup in various institutions.

You may want to consult a digital expert to boost your business online!

Connect with Deep Mehta on Linkedin Or Friend him on Facebook

You should not make it delay to drop him an email to receive Digital marketing expert guidelines.

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