Marmik Ajmera, Co-Founder at Digichefs

“Entrepreneur of the Week”

Marmik Ajmera, Co-Founder at Digichefs.

Friends are neither just to meet over a cup of Tea nor mere partners in crime. Sometimes they are partners in a successful business!

Digital Chefs ( Deep Mehta, Deepak Yewle and Marmik Ajmera ) at Digichefs are the perfect example of a friendship bond between three friends turned into a successful business partnership.

Consistent with the delivery of quality services and on time solution to the clients is very basic nature of Digichefs.

Let’s not to make delay to make you meet young, workaholic, talented and sweet-toothed Digital Chef Marmik Ajmera.

Meet Marmik Ajmera


Marmik is a Co-Founder at Digichefs, a passionate entrepreneur always ready to take up the challenges and turned them into the working tools makes him a backbone of the Digichefs.

He has done a bachelor of engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication from Mumbai University, Mumbai, India.

His inquisitive nature and analytical skills portray him as a smart business strategist.

He has a special affection for numbers and that makes him a perfect data analyst for the data-driven business. His business strategies based on the numerical analysis are always dessert coated being a Dessert Lover!

His Analytical skill makes him unique among all and serves unique ingredients to the digital business plate.

Marmik marks his calendar to watch Bollywood Movies when he is not involved in online marketing. He loves Traveling and he is a Complete Foodie – Dessert Fan & Loves to try new things.

Don’t miss meeting Marmik to share his dessert plate!!!

You may friend him on Facebook.


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