Andrea Reeves ~Writer of the Week



Andrea Reeves

Andrea Reeves is a writer and the author of the three books.


Here is an exclusive interview with an amazing writer and the author Andrea Reeves.

1. Describe Andrea Reeves:

Answer: I am a writer and author of the three books. I have received a Columbia Scholastic Gold Circle Award. Reading and writing are my passion. We own a go-kart racing track.

2. What inspired to pursue your passion?

Answer: An escape.

3. What are the difficulties you faced and how did you overcome?

Answer: Criticism and self-doubt. i used the criticism that i received to learn and grow as a writer. Readers help me overcome my self-doubts with positive feedback.

4. Your message to the audience/beginners?

Answer: Don’t give up! Read and Write.

5. Where can the people find you?

Answer: Here are the links to My books, Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you, Andrea Reeves, for taking the time to participate in our weekly column “Writer of the Week“. Best wishes from Phonic Words for your future endeavours.

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“Because we believe; Your talent is worth sharing!”


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