This too shall pass!

Guest Post Submitted by Soodamittai.

this too shall pass.jpg

This too shall pass!

for life is a long walk that crosses sunshine, rain, storm, thunder,

autumn, spring, meadows, snow and flowers.


that long walk is worth to take with your near and dear ones by!

yet, you walk alone!

you don’t walk to reach the end


you walk and walk and walk


swiftly when you turn back,

all you can see is the warm smiles that you put gleams upon faces you cross path!


your heart shines with kindness!


you make your petite beautiful heart stand stern against downs, thunders and dark

for they too shall pass quickly in no time!


you realise that ‘Hope’ will light your path with rays of thousand suns for you to walk ahead!

until then

walk, walk.

This too shall pass!

-Submitted by Soodamittai.

About Soodamittai:

Soodamittai is a personal blogging site with the love for words, amazing life lessons learnt, crazy artworks from junk art journals and musings! You may visit them here.


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