Amid Standing Me

Poetry by Phonic Words and Photography by Harmesh Prajapati.

Photo by Harmesh Prajapati

One moment or Moments since ages

Amid standing me

Entrapped memories behind the doors

Amid standing me

Few were smiling at me; I was smiling at some

Amid standing me

It varnished a rainbow of memories inside

Amid standing me

Outside it piebald dark dense clouds

Amid standing me

They crossed mind swiftly as the train moved

Amid standing me

Rapted for few more moments in encased memories

Amid standing me

Poetry by Phonic Words

About Photography:

Photography by Harmesh Prajapati, According to him Street Photography is the reflection of the reality, which people do not notice. With his lenses, He always tries and shows people the simpler things they miss, which matters the most.

You can find him here: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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