Announcement for Project Linked

Guest Post Submitted by Megha and Rayan from Ink Soaked Soul and The Site of a Confused Teen.

From writers Megha and Rayan from Ink Soaked Soul and The Site of a Confused Teen, we bring you the Project Linked, an initiative to bring together bloggers from around the world and to pour in each of their writing talents and unique styles to create one collaborative story.

A story is to be compiled by the collective effort of each writer.

And before you ask, here’s the answer to hopefully all of your questions 🙂


I) Each participant will get to write one unique and completely original chapter of around 2000-3000 words for the story, which is only to be proofread by the organizers for grammatical or structural errors.

II) The order of writing will be selected randomly for no bias. So, the first person writing the story gets to decide the base theme which can be anything ranging from romance to dystopia, horror or comedy, anything at all, and the others can continue and work with it, developing the story, the plot and the characters in the way they want to, and the last person gets to end the story their way.

III) Each chapter will be of 2000-3000 words, and each participant will have 4 days to complete the draft and submit it. You’ll be informed when it is your turn to write a chapter and you’ll have four days henceforth. You are requested to submit your draft before the deadline.

2. Contact:

I) You can email the organizers here at:

i) Rayan from – The Site of A Confused Teen – or Click here.

ii) Megha from – Ink Soaked Soul – meghashashank926@gmail.comor Click here.

II) You can also ask your queries through the WordPress comments on this post or on the announcement post on the organizers’ blogs.

Project Linked Announcement posts are here :

– At InkSoakedSoul: Project Linked – ANNOUNCEMENT

– At The Site of a Confused Teen: ANNOUNCEMENT!

III) The medium of communication which will be convenient and appropriate for all once finalized will be informed to every participant.

3. Other Important Information:

I) The chapters will be compiled to form the final completed draft of the story and will be put into a Google Drive Site and sent to each participant.

II) You are to post your chapter on your blog or link it to the Google Drive or one of the organizers project announcement posts for better access to each reader.

Each participant is requested to leave a link to the previous chapter, to the organizers project announcement posts and to the blog which will be posting the next chapter in their chapter post. This way the flow of the story will be maintained for the readers and each chapter with its author will be easy to find.

III) We will need a minimum of 7 bloggers to get started, and a maximum of 25, so don’t hesitate to enter.

IV) Those who are interested should comment on this post along with how to contact them and feel free to ask for further help.

If you’ve got further questions, you can comment down below, Megha and Rayan will answer as soon as possible, or else visit their sites and contact them via their blogs for further inquiries.

Feel free to spread the word and do not hesitate to participate, the aim is to bring writings of different bloggers together and have a memorable writing experience.

-Submitted by Megha & Rayan 

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