Jules Fox ~Artist of the Week~

Jules Fox is an Artist and a Writer. He writes and illustrates picture books for children. He also writes Middle grade and YA novels.

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Jules Fox

Let’s get inspired through his inspiring journey!

1. Please Describe Jules Fox:

Answer: My name is Jules Fox and I am an illustrator and author from Hawaii. I like to create picture books and novels for young people, with a story-first positive message in all of my work. I try to tackle difficult world issues like racism, classism, homophobia and prejudice with heart-centred stories that resonate with young audiences. It’s not easy to broach tough topics with kids, but that’s exactly why we have to do it. My hope is that parents who are uncomfortable having these conversations can at least bring awareness to their children by exposing them to good books that deal with it.

4 Semhar and the Lion Last Page Sleeping

2. Please Describe your art and skills:

Answer: As an author, I treat every book as a business. If you don’t take your work seriously, nobody else will. I didn’t know how to market my work when I first started, and I wanted to just be the person doing the drawing, and writing. The problem with that mentality is that no matter what quality product you’re putting out, people need to know about it, and the best person to tell people about what you’re doing is you.

1 Semhar and the Lion Cover

3. What inspired to pursue your passion?

Answer: I am very self-motivated. When I first started I would create stories that I wanted to write and draw, but people were not very receptive to that. When I listened to my audience and heard what they were looking for, I responded by tailoring my stories to be more palatable for them. Getting feedback, and praise from kids, and parents is a huge inspiration to me. Now I can take that motivation I started with and use it to create stuff that people actually want, rather than what I think people should want.

Dark the shark rough

4. What are the difficulties you faced and how did you overcome?

Answer: The hardest part of being an illustrator is that art is so subjective. When I was young, I let people get to me because I thought I was bad at drawing. I gave up for years, and I feel really bad about that. People rain on your parade because they have no parade of their own.

5. Your message to the audience/beginners?

Answer: Keep doing your best work, especially when nobody’s watching. It’s a busy world, so you have to convince people to take their time to see what you can do. Always show the upper limit of what you’re capable of.

6. Where can the people find you?

Answer: On my website, Jules Fox Stories and here is my Facebook Page.

Thank you, Jules Fox, for taking the time to participate in our weekly column “Artist of the Week“. Best wishes from Phonic Words for your future endeavours.

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“Because we believe; Your talent is worth sharing!”





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