One Bottle Of Merlot ~ Grab Your Copy For Free!

One Bottle Of Merlot

“Where’s Trent, Mia? You were the last one to see him.”

Mia couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the text message. She was nine-months pregnant stranded in her two-story house in the middle of a hurricane. Due to give birth any day. She hoped her rescuers could save her and her unborn baby before it was too late.

Trent Dalton was missing. The lead singer of his band Twisted Bliss and the father of Mia’s baby. Reported missing by his bandmate when he failed to meet their tour bus. A tour he was about to headline. He was last seen with Remy, Mia’s best friend.

Everyone had their secrets some were just better at keeping them.

One Bottle Of Merlot is one of the books by Andrea Reeves. One Bottle Of Merlot is a Psychological Thriller with a “hint” of romance.

The weekend is just around the corner and here is a free gift from Andrea Reeves.

Click here to download One Bottle Of Merlot for FREE!

Andrea Reeves has been featured as “Writer of the Week” in Phonic Words. Click here to read her inspiring journey in her words.




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