Welcome To The Food Joints In Ahmedabad That Offer Incomparable Non-Vegetarian Dishes!

Guest Post submitted by Srilu Uppari.


Ahmedabad is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant cities in India. It is also the largest city in the state of Gujarat and one of the most prosperous ones in the country. Known fondly as the “Manchester of India,” the city is famous for its posh infrastructure and impressive textile industry. But that’s not all Ahmedabad has to offer. You will find some of the best Indian food when visiting the city on cheap flights from Newark to Ahmedabad. And it’s not all vegetarian. While it’s understandable that one might expect Ahmedabad to offer delicious vegetarian food, not many are aware that the city offers amazing non-vegetarian food as well. So hardcore meat lovers visiting the city on last minute flights can expect to gorge on some delicious non-vegetarian dishes. Here is a list of some of the best non-vegetarian food joints in Ahmedabad you can visit.


Established, owned and managed by Mr. Amdo and his family, Amdo’s Kitchen is a fantastic place to get your hands on delicious Tibetan food. The eatery is small and modest but offers you some of the most delicious food ever. Book cheap Newark to Ahmedabad non-stop flights at Indian Eagle and come grab a bite of delicious food such as momos and thukpa among others at Amdo’s Kitchen. Another thing that’s great about the place is that it’s quite cheap. Depending on what you order, the cost of food for two people can be as low as INR 300.


The brainchild of Mr. KamilSayid, Chef’s Pizza is a must-visit place in Ahmedabad for food lovers arriving on EWR to Ahmedabad flights. The place is a huge hit with locals for serving pizzas with Indianized flavors. You can choose your own toppings and fillings at Chef’s Pizza. The place also serves lip-smacking burgers, breads and sandwiches. This is the most ideal place for people who prefer this kind of food over Indian snacks.


This lane is a literal paradise for meat lovers, serving piping hot delicious non-vegetarian dishes. When you arrive on cheap EWR to AMD flights, make sure to pay a visit to BhatiyarGali if you’re a hardcore carnivore. Specializing in straight-out-of-the-tandoor Kebabs, this place is sure to fulfill all your non-vegetarian cravings. The items are served with the most amazing chutney along with a squirt of lemon and some onions.


Specializing in Goan cuisine, La Bella is run by a pint-sized but powerful Goan Lady, Mrs. Mary Lobo. Visit this eatery when you’re in the city on cheap business class flights to taste some of the most authentic Goan dishes right here in Ahmedabad. Expect to be served with home-cooked like food, but even better. While the place may not seem like much, the vibe it gives off is one of being homely and welcoming. Come feast on delicious chicken curry, vindaloo, and mutton fry among several other dishes.

So be rest assured if you’re a hardcore non-vegetarian visiting the seemingly vegetarian place of Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Visit any of the above mentioned non-vegetarian food joints or find others with some local help to gorge on delicious non-vegetarian food. Apart from all of this you should also be reading about what to buy where in Ahmedabad since there is so much more than non-vegetarian food in Ahmedabad. You should totally not miss this chance of visiting Ahmedabad. Go for it. But before that, let us know in the comment section below as to how you feel about Ahmedabad and if you liked this article then do not forget to share it with everyone you know who would like to be here atleast once in their lifetime. Adios!

About Author:

Srilu Uppari is an avid traveler who loves to explore new places. Traveling to offbeat, exciting destinations, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures has been one of her main passions in life. She posts blogs about her travel experiences to help people know about her travel adventures and encourage them to visit new places as well. You may connect with her here.




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