Life Is Like Water…

Photo by oldskool photography on Unsplash

Life is like water,

The water of the river.

The water which flows continuously,

It can’t be stored,

It can’t be stopped,

It goes on,

It flows,

There might come obstacles,

There might come places with no definite path,

It meanders,

It creates oxbows,

And continue to flow,

It can’t go back,

It can’t reach early to the destination,

It has its own speed,

It can’t flow slow,

It can’t flow fast,

It has definite boundaries to flow within,

It can’t lose the track,

Somewhere It collects scraps,

Somewhere It collects love,

It meets other rivers to make the journey beautiful,

Somewhere, It loses some of it as streams,

Life is like water,

The water of the River.




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