Writers Should Write And Show That They Do

Guest Post Submitted by Rate Yourself Original.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Some of us enjoy being part of a team but others don’t, some enjoy going to work in the morning others well, not so much. If you write for a living and like what you do, especially as a freelancer, you should consider doing big, get your name out there and create yourself a business. People must know who you are and what you do, let’s face it not everyone will know who you are and what you do but those who know should.

Imagine yourself in a place that makes you a stranger because no one knows you, that is exactly how you’ll feel and what you’ll be if you don’t get yourself out there “someone no one’s heard about” which is very bad for you if you’re looking forward to working with people, writing for businesses or more.


Social Media: Everyone is on Social Media nowadays and so should you. If you’re a blogger get yourself out there put your content on your page and make sure it gets the attention it deserves. Facebook is not Social Media, but one of the most used platforms I’m sure you’ve heard of it. So, get yourself out there. Besides Facebook, you have twitter Instagram Pinterest etc.

Just like any other business, you’ll need to invest. Yes! initially,  You’ll need to invest a lot of your time before anything else so make sure you do just that.

Get yourself a website/blog: I mentioned getting yourself into Social Media before a blog really? Well, a blogger with no blog is not a  blogger. I might be wrong but, I assume that blogger comes from the blog I’m sorry.

Marketing: This is essential and very important, getting attention may be hard but if you accept defeat you might as well quit.

This isn’t a how-to guide, this is just a reason why you should do what you’re already doing the right way. If you’re a writer you should know the power of words and Rate yourself original.

About Author:

Manuel Silva is Indie author of Rateyourselforiginal (A poem collection) Click here to view.

Rate yourself (their blog) is where writers should be, giving yourself a minute to visit Rate Yourself is giving yourself an opportunity to learn more about the chances out there for you as a writer as well how to get there. Click here to connect with Rate Yourself.



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