Five Rupees #StortStory

Photo by Jeet Khatri on Unsplash

It was around 9 O’clock at night, After having had the long, busy and tiresome day at the office, I was travelling back to the home.

I was completely immersed into the hurricane of the thoughts.

And suddenly the cab driver interrupted that owing to some technical problem with the cab he can’t go ahead.

I got down from the cab. My destination was nearby so, I was thinking to go by walk. But there came the auto offered me a lift and without any second thought I took it. Since it was the sharing auto, the auto driver wanted to take one more passenger.

In a while one girl came, she must be around 23-25 years of age. She informed her destination and asked about the fare.

‘Five Rupees’, The auto driver replied.

For a while, she thought something and before she got into the auto she asked the auto driver if he has the change of Rs.500?

‘No, I don’t have the change’, The auto driver replied.

I was observing everything and by the passing of time, it was becoming more interesting as if I am watching a suspense movie and I was curious what would happen next?!

To my surprise that auto driver asked her to take the auto. And that girl boarded it without any hesitation.

Auto was running on the road and so many thoughts were running in my mind in a full swing.

If this girl doesn’t have the change, why this auto driver allowed her? Would he let her go without paying the fare? Would he bother her to pay later on? With what intention he allowed her?

Amid these thoughts, I opened my wallet and took ten rupees in my hand. I decided to pay the auto driver for that girl.

And the destination arrived.

The girl didn’t know what to say this auto driver since she had already made it clear that she doesn’t have the change. Yet she asked auto driver could you please wait for sometime and let me try to get the change.

The auto driver replied, Madam, you please go home safely I don’t want the fare.

She said ok, but you please give me your contact number so that I can return it to you later on.

No, It’s not required you please go and yes, feed someone if you really want to return the favour to me, the Auto driver replied.

And I jumped into this conversation, I gave ten rupees to the auto driver and told him on behalf of her I am paying you.

That girl thanked and asked me to give my contact number to return the money.

No, daughter you please go home safely, I replied.

Finally, she headed towards her home.

That auto driver was speechless and he was staring at the ten rupees.

I too.

I went to the adjacent tea stall, ordered one cup of tea and started pondering.

Intentions of that auto driver were pure and selfless and because of that, he got an instant return.

I got the chance to help someone who received the message of kindness and selfless help to a stranger from this entire incident and will help other people in society.

And, when this auto driver will narrate this story to his family members they’ll be proud of him and they too will spread the good message!

This incident set me free from tiredness of the entire day and filled with an immense joy and satisfaction.

I finished my tea, looked at the sky and murmured,

‘If the intentions are good you’ll surely bear the good fruits sooner or later. Do good and the good will come back to you’.

P.S. The story narrated by my father which is based on his life experience. Here ‘I’ represents my father.