Dr Desiree Hykes ~Artist of the Week~

Dr Desiree Hykes is a Costume designer and novel writer.


Here an interview with her!

  1. Please Describe Dr Desiree Hykes:

Answer: 30-year-old physician, writer, and costume designer with a love of the arts and sciences.  Expert in time management, treating patients by day and writing or sewing by night.  In a relationship with my best friend of two decades.  I am passionate, dedicated, and have an endlessly powered work ethic.  Everything I do or make, each day of my work be it medicine or material based, is from the heart.


2. Please Describe your art and skills:

Answer: The Self-published novel, first of a fantasy trilogy.  I make the costumes of my characters and wear them to events to promote the novel and display my sewing skills.


3. What inspired to pursue your passion?

Answer: I’m a tactile learner, I wanted to bring the designs I imagined to life.  I learned to sew from my aunt, the rest was from trial and error and a drive to become better at my skills.  I am always learning and working to refine my craft.  As for writing, it balances the high demands and responsibilities of my job, allowing my reader and I to escape to other worlds and lives through the eyes of someone else.


4. What are the difficulties you faced and how did you overcome?

Answer: I survived an abusive relationship, where I almost died.  I have been bullied and mocked relentlessly through all school years, including medical school.  I turned to my arts to heal, I sought comfort in the escape the arts provided.  It felt wonderful to see my novel and costumes come to life amidst such dark times


5. Your message to the audience/beginners?

Answer: Take your time, this is a process that won’t happen overnight.  Don’t rush the crafts you have, each step toward progress is progress in itself.  Love what you do, don’t fear critique and suggestions from those you trust.


6. Where can the people find you?

Answer:  Fragmentsofexistencenovel@gmail.com

Facebook: Fragments of Existence

Thank you, Dr Desiree Hykes, for taking the time to participate in our weekly column “Artist of the Week“.

Best wishes from Phonic Words for your future endeavours.

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