Daniel E. Glassford ~Writer of the Week~

Daniel E. Glassford is a writer currently writing a fantasy series called The Auspice Of Balance. The first book is out and the second is in the beginnings of the editing stages.



Daniel E. Glassford

Here is his inspiring writing journey in his words!

1. Please Describe Daniel E. Glassford:

Answer: I am a special breed most would say. I have a great imagination, and at the same time well grounded. Grew up as one of seven children being number five myself. This being the case has always lead to a very competitive and combative nature. Also has the added benefit of being comfortable in crowds. I love being social. Talking with anyone and everyone if I have known them for years or seconds. Everyone has a story about themselves and I want to hear it.

2. Please Describe your skills:

Answer: Well, I would like to say my imagination leads me to be a great writer in a fantasy world. I have one novel out in my series The Auspice of Balance it beingWhen Chaos Comes To Claim Our Souls.

3. What inspired to pursue your passion?

Answer: As an avid fantasy reader, watcher, and gamer, I have great respect for those who have created their own epic worlds and characters. My infatuation with these worlds is far beyond just the words on a page or images on a screen. I have often found myself developing theories and drawing conclusions about these carefully constructed masterpieces thereby finding myself lost in their lore and wondering where I would fit within it. Until one day, I found myself wandering their worlds and stopped, pondering why not my own?

And, so it began. I created my own world calling it Sedatis, ironically settling on a name which translates to “After Settling” in Latin. I chose not to commit any of my ideas to paper, but it never stopped the dreaming of new characters, places, structures, and rules within my own little world.

For years, I kept constructing and moulding Sedatis into something I was proud and excited about. If there was a night I couldn’t sleep, without a doubt, the time was spent adding to the lore and intrigue. Although I continued to refuse to put my ideas to paper, it never hindered my imagination from adding to Sedatis. I was afraid, I will admit it. What if no one enjoyed my world as much as I do? What if my words had no way of doing my imagination justice? I didn’t want to fail myself. For the last thing, I wanted was anyone to hate this world I had been spent countless hours creating over the years. That was until one day, sitting there, I snapped out of it. I drove, that second, to the store and bought a notebook. I started writing the first of hopefully many tales within my world of Sedatis. While I hope all who enter the world of Sedatis with me enjoy it as much as I do, the truth is it doesn’t matter. I have a story to tell and, if nothing else, I owe it to myself to tell it to the rest of the world.

4. What are the difficulties you faced and how did you overcome?

Answer: When I was eleven I suffered a traumatic brain injury. I had fallen through the roof of my home and crashed headfirst into my driveway. Was in a coma for a few months. The worst part about this is back when it happened in 1993 brain injuries were not as recognized or diagnosed. Which is why I actually wasn’t diagnosed with mine until I was 25, 14 years later. Finally shedding light on a series of problems I was having with memory, processing, and balance. It was in the hospital stay when I was 26 relearning how to walk when I first started thinking of Sedatis although hiding it from everyone. I thought creating my own little world would give me some solace from mine. My imagination helped me through that stay learning how to walk again and getting my life back. Sure things were different, but I knew I could get through it.

5. Your message to the audience/beginners?

Answer: The advice I have more people is simple. I waited almost 10 years to take the leap and starting to write about this world I had imagined. You never have to live up to others expectations to be truly brave is to believe in yourself. Don’t do things for others do them because it is what you want to do.

6. Where can the people find you?

Answer: You can find me on my websiteTwitterFacebook and my books on Amazon

Thank you, Daniel E. Glassford, for taking the time to participate in our weekly column “Writer of the Week“.

Best wishes from Phonic Words for your future endeavours.

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