Bloody Bleeding Red Is Not Red Anymore…!

Photo by Pablo Guerrero on Unsplash

Her eyes were swollen, It seems she couldn’t sleep last night, She didn’t want to get out of bed.

As usual millions of annoying thoughts had already started revolving in her mind. These thoughts are regular visitors to her mind every month when she menstruates.

Why is she born with this curse every month! Why is she getting this bloody red every month! Sometimes she couldn’t handle her mood swings!

Her cramps were getting as excruciating physically as her annoying thoughts mentally!

Voice message received (Phone notification)

Hey…! I know what all you are thinking right now. I urge please don’t do that. Please don’t reprobate your crying uterus, in fact, it deserves your empathy and care. Your puffy eyes are cuter than other days. You don’t even need to handle your mood swings, I am there to take care of them. It’s awesome to see you in different crazy moods and reactions which i don’t get to experience them on normal days! Don’t hate this bloody bleeding red, in fact, try to see it as beautiful red as a red rose and your red dress of valentine’s day!

Since then…

Bloody Bleeding Red is not Red Anymore…!




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