Photo by melissa mjoen on Unsplash

My habitat is becoming devastating

It is losing its green cover

Water reservoirs are becoming dry

Leaving scanty amount of water to satisfy our thirst

Nevertheless, we love our habitat

We are adaptive to this homely environment

But they say we can’t live here

It is dangerous to our life

If we would live here, we would be get listed as extinct

Unfortunately, we are already listed as endangered

There was a time when we were living like royals

We were moving freely in the entire territory without fear

We had a big community there

Most of them laid down their lives in the war for survival

I miss them a lot and those days too

We few were left there and nowadays we are kept in a national park

Since our community is becoming endangered

They said they want to conserve us

Therefore they brought me to this place

Far away from my homeland and family

I am struggling here

Struggling to adopt a new environment

My body temperature is rising day by day

I feel weak on walking

This cage is not for me

We are born to live free and move freely

I am counting my days

I am in a grief of being detached from my family

I wish I could see them before I close my eyes for forever

I know they’re bringing the best medical help for me

They are trying the best possible ways to save me

But everything is in a vain now

I have my voice but I can’t speak

I wish they could read me through my eyes

They(eyes) are trying to say a lot

Just a message…

Don’t try to conserve us

Conserve our habitats…

With Love,
Your beloved someone who is endangered





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