Self-Care is Essential (Guest Post)

Guest Post Submitted by Thomas Neil (Off the Record).

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I want to talk about self-care, so often in our day to day lives we ignore the most important thing which is to look after ourselves, we do this because we have other priorities, we always say, later and then later never comes. Sometimes we push ourselves or don’t say no to things even if it’ll damaging to us because we don’t want to seem selfish, I know I certainly have but, let me tell you the dirty secret. Self-care is not selfish, it should be a requirement, not an afterthought. I do want to make it more clear what I mean by self-care though, it’s not spoiling yourself, in fact sometimes it’s just the opposite, it’s not about a long hot bath, although that can be part of it but making the right choices to feel better in the long term. Don’t spend that last penny, save it and let it grow, get to bed an hour earlier, make sure to brush your teeth every day. Just little things like that, which we can overlook but can all add up to a healthier mind, body and self-image. That’s what self-care is about, looking after yourself because you’re the only person who can do it 24/7, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, have that take-out or stay up all night if you want or need to but make sure that somewhere along the line you pay it back by getting a little extra sleep or going for a run even if you don’t feel like it because as best we know it we only have one life, and you don’t want to constantly be borrowing against your future by making choices which seem inconsequential but add up.

Before I leave you I want to give you 5 little suggestions for self-care that you can hopefully implement today, and maybe by next month, or the month after that you will see the benefit.

  1. Finally, take care of that chore you’ve been putting off and if it’s something you need to do regularly make sure and take care of it, make it part of your routine and eventually it’ll stop being a chore.
  2. Get rid of stuff, okay this is a simple one but take a look around your home and find things that you don’t want, don’t need or that is broken and can’t be fixed and get rid of it, anything usable maybe donate to a charity but otherwise just junk it and with all that junk you’re casting out anything in your life that isn’t working for you anymore.
  3. Introduce something healthy to your diet, now I know this can be difficult, especially on a diet, but even if it’s something small you will feel the benefit on enriching your diet with something healthy.
  4. Accept Compliments, if you are like me and most people this post applies to will be then you’ll find it difficult to accept compliments, what I want to tell you is that you deserve to be praised, everyone needs positivity in your life and most people don’t go to the effort to compliment you if you don’t deserve it so rather than feeling embarrassed or awkward, accept it and say Thank You. Maybe even return the favour.
  5. Reach out, whether it’s just being the first person to say hello in a conversation of whether it’s asking for help, the biggest aspect of self-care is reaching out, because otherwise, you deal with everything alone and that by far has the most potential to cause harm.

So hopefully after reading this short little piece you’ll feel a little bit differently about Self-care and be more willing to do those little extra things that will help you to smile, grow and feel better.

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