Meghna Choudhury (Her Grace Mathura Vasi Devi Dasi) ~Writer of the Week~

Meghna Choudhury - HD
Meghna Choudhury (Her Grace Mathura Vasi Devi Dasi)

Meghna Choudhury (Her Grace Mathura Vasi Devi Dasi) is the globally acclaimed Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, Author, Social Activist, Luminary and Artist. Recipient of several prestigious awards including the illustrious Spiritual Excellence Award and Best Research Paper Award at the Asia Pacific Conference, she has also been nominated for The Indian Awaz Award for top 100 inspiring authors of India. Having earned a Doctorate Degree (U.K.), Masters Degree in Management Studies (India), Lead Auditor Certification and Bhakti Shastri Degree (Vedic Studies), Meghna is the founder of ‘THE EVOLVE GROUP’ – the premier holistic coaching / counseling/ healing solutions platform that offers customized bonafide guidance for personal & professional excellence. She is also the founder of ‘SEWA Foundation’ – an NGO established with the virtuous purpose to selflessly serve & improve the society’s overall well-being, especially for the most vulnerable populations. A dedicated Bhakti-Yoga Practitioner, she has done extensive research in ancient scriptures and authored more than 200 self-help and motivational articles published in leading national and international journals, magazines, tabloids and web portals. Meghna is the popular author of the International Best Seller: ‘THE PATH OF SUCCESS – Embark on an Inspiring Journey from Confusion to Clarity’.

Here is her inspiring journey!

1. Please Describe Meghna Choudhury (Her Grace Mathura Vasi Devi Dasi):

Answer: First of all, I wish to thank you for inviting me for this interview. I am deeply honoured and grateful to you.

I consider myself – a very simple, blissful, spiritually-grounded soul, blessed with a vibrant heart overflowing with immense gratitude, love and compassion. My deepest realization over the years has been that our existence in this planet becomes smoother and exuberant, when we open our hearts to spiritual awareness, to comprehend the higher dimensions and greater purpose of things around us. My life is a perennial learning curve. Having a firm conviction in our Creator’s best arrangement for each of us, I have always tried to magnify the positivity in every situation and emerge stronger from every setback. Blessed to receive spiritual enlightenment since birth, through exposure to the deep study of Vedic literatures, I have chosen to lead a truly meaningful and sanctified life. My mission is to reveal this path of transcendental perfection to all spiritual seekers.

My mother laid the strong foundation of my spiritual journey as soon as she brought me into this world. I feel extremely fortunate that my Spiritual Master empowered me to preach the nectarean message of the Supreme to the world.  Driven by the passion to anchor fellow beings towards commencing their journey of self-discovery, I have dedicated my life to propagating the virtuous and most practical elements of spiritual knowledge. It is my vision to initiate a wave of peace and harmony in the entire world through my writings and books, which are entirely based on the bedrock of universal timeless Holy Scriptures and my strong personal realizations.


2. Please Describe your art and skills:

Answer: An entrepreneur, management professional, visiting professor turned life coach, spiritual guide, author, luminary, social activist and artist, my motivational articles, counseling videos, enlightening podcasts, powerful quotes, soulful kirtans, magnificient dance-dramas have greatly  inspired thousands of families all over the globe.

Hailing from an aristocratic, renowned business family, equipped with Doctorate Degree (U.K.), Masters Degree in Management Studies from the prestigious University of Mumbai, India & Lead Auditor’s Certification (QCI), I’ve been fortunate to have wide exposure globally, in the Corporate World.

At the same time, being born in a spiritually enlightened lineage, since birth I have been a dedicated practitioner of ‘Bhakti Yoga’. Being a trained Indian Classical Vocalist and Classical Dancer, my soulful Kirtans and spiritual Dance-dramas are illustrious representations of the prodigious mission of World peace and harmony. Driven by the passion to further strengthen my spiritual foundation, I pursued ‘Bhakti Shastri’ Graduate Degree from the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Mayapur Institute of Higher Education, India (Spiritual Capital of the World). I’m blessed with the sacred Harinaam Diksha (first initiation) followed by the holy Brahman Diksha (second initiation) –  by my revered Spiritual Master His Holiness Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj (Governing Body Commissioner of World-wide ISKCON).

I founded ‘THE EVOLVE GROUP’ which offers customized personal & professional coaching to seekers, by guiding them with the torchlight of knowledge, by tapping their hidden potential and helping them achieve real success, based on time-tested authoritative bonafide texts, ideals and principles.


I also founded ‘SEWA Foundation’ – an NGO established with the virtuous purpose to selflessly serve & improve the society’s overall well-being, especially for the most vulnerable populations.


By the grace of God, my debut book- ‘THE PATH OF SUCCESS: Embark on an inspiring journey from Confusion to Clarity’ received tremendous love and turned out to be an international best seller. Filled with spiritual insight and timeless wisdom, analogies of ‘success’ from the Vedas, short stories and case studies, this is the perfect self-help book for you, which guarantees a radical shift in your performance, quenches your thirst for eternal happiness, assists you in overcoming your fears and finding your higher purpose in life.

It ensures you:

– Attain ever-lasting success

– Achieve exponential growth

– Reinforce core beliefs

– Imbibe virtues

– Elevate yourself

– Cultivate Resilience

This spiritually rejuvenating book is highly recommended for all ages – the young and old – students, professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, freelancers, home-makers, social workers and the list is endless; anyone who is a dreamer, a go-getter, self-driven, passionate to achieve excellence, and more importantly who is in the quest for eternal peace, permanent happiness and ever-lasting success in life. This book impels you to convert your dreams into reality and discover your real identity. Eventually, evolve, learn, grow and succeed in every sphere of life and embark on an inspiring journey, leading to the virtuous path of interminable, true success.


3. What inspired to pursue your passion?

Answer: There are three major drivers that inspired me to pursue my passion:

  1. Current circumstances – The rapidly degenerating mentality of the current civilization, due to growing adverse influence of Kaliyuga – the regressive Age of quarrel and hypocrisy.
  2. The sanguine instructions of my Spiritual Master – who is a living legend and a veteran example of selfless servitude.
  3. The support of my role models – my Parents:

Mother [Smt. Mila Subir Choudhury (Her Grace Mohini Devi Dasi)] –

Pious since birth, greatly loved and highly respected by one and all; owing to her immaculate bearing, she has been adorned with the title ‘Pure Soul’ by serious practitioners of Spirituality.

Blessed with the holy Brahman Initiation, she has dedicated her life to practice and preaching the sacred process of ‘Bhakti-Yoga’ or self-realisation. By her personal comportment, she exhibits how one can achieve the highest perfection, simply by following instructions of the Spiritual Master, taking shelter of the Holy Name, staying equipoised under every circumstance and abiding by the philosophy – ‘Simple Living with High Thinking’.

She has perpetually been my backbone at every phase of life, has instilled pristine morals and values; and has set an impeccable example for generations to come – on how to lead an exemplary life.

Father [Hon’ble Shri. Subir Kumar Choudhury] –

Even though a highly qualified Civil Engineer from I.I.T. Roorkee and M.Phil (Engg.) from University of Birmingham, U.K, while successfully managing his flourishing group of businesses, he is a hallmark of humility and benevolence. Maintainng a high level of consciousness, he dedicated his life for the noble social initiatives of alleviation of poverty, upliftment of the underprivileged and caring for the aged. Noted for his unalloyed contribution to the Society, he was honoured by the Nation for his philanthropic endeavours with several prestigious awards which includes ‘Bharat Ratna’. Recognising his tireless efforts to relieve the sorrow and suffering of the downtrodden, by the dissemination of genuine spiritual knowledge and the means for individual and social enlightenment, the State crowned him – the Sheriff of Mumbai, India.

These three stimulators turned to be pivotal anchors to my writing journey. They inspired me to make a difference in people’s life. While traversing & preaching the message of Godhead over a span of a decade, I was moved to witness countless souls suffering, all over the world, due to being situated in the mode of ignorance. That was the first impulse and a major trigger to commence work towards my passion. I was determined to bring about a positive and lasting transformation in the lives of every soul, who enter my circle of association.

So I started off with writing blogs, answering online queries posted on prime spiritual web portals, followed by penning spiritual, motivational and inspirational articles that are published in leading journals, magazines and tabloids worldwide. As my writings and articles were acknowledged globally and people’s lives began to radically transform towards the positive, my Spiritual Master instructed me to begin publishing books which are permanent assets, for the greatest welfare of mankind.


That is what led to my debut book- “THE PATH OF SUCCESS: Embark on an inspiring journey from Confusion to Clarity”. This book elucidates how to reach the pinnacle of success, how to maintain that eternal position and how to be a winner. No matter how many times we may have fallen, but we can never afford to lose hope. We have to get up, shake the dirt, wipe the sweat, caress the bruises and look up, look ahead, look beyond the horizon – where we just have to focus on our higher goal and keep trying harder with even stronger determination and greater conviction. With such one-pointed dedication, we would be amazed at our own potential. By sincerely following the path etched in this book, through the medium of ‘The Success Blueprint©’ – encompassing 14 success principles that happen to be the universal truths, the spiritual quintessence – eventually, success is bound to kiss our feet.

”THE PATH OF SUCCESS” is an inspiring journey of my personal realizations with LIVE CASES during my life coaching crusade to counsel-seekers worldwide, through the medium of captivating and stimulating articles accompanied with TRUE STORIES, from the contemporary world as well as sacred texts. The subjects covered in this enlightening book are the foundational elements that are pre-requisites to make a mark on the success graph. The book comprises small and big life challenges faced by each of us, which often leaves us in a dilemma on the path that we must choose. This edifying work not just uplifts, inspires and motivates you to transform into a better version of yourself but challenges your deepest self-limiting beliefs. It re-engineers your mindset, to open your hearts, to experience a whole new world, to make a new beginning, to envision a new perspective and give yourself the gift of a more positive and beautiful new life!

4. What are the difficulties you faced and how did you overcome?

Answer: After completing my formal education and spiritual studies, based on the instructions of my Spiritual Master, when I forayed into the world of spiritual preaching, life coaching and counseling on a global platform, there were initial challenges from certain quarters, even from some of the most unexpected sources – in the form of envy, destructive criticism, back-biting, and egotism. However, that didn’t act as a deterrent to my higher purpose. Serious spiritual study equips us with the divine eyes to distinguish between the right and wrong, the hypocrites and pessimists. It also gives us the power to face such situations, deal with such entities and teaches us to remain undisturbed and equipoised.  So, I did not let those minor setbacks engulf my mind and senses. Rather I chose to focus on my greater objective in life.

My unflinching faith on the Lord’s mercy and blessings of my Guru, ascertained that I kept my eyes fixed on the bigger goal – to spread the divine message of the Lord, nurture the seed of unalloyed devotion and water the tree of divine love. In reciprocation, I offered sincere prayers for those ignorant souls, so that the Lordships may forgive their offences and purify their consciousness and free their conscience from all forms of material contamination. Over a period of time, as my preaching and writings manifested widespread spiritual awakening and reformation, we all witnessed a radical transformation in the hearts of those same envious souls and today their names find a place on our list of counselees and well-wishers.

5. Your message to the audience/beginners?

Answer: I am thankful to my audience, readers-seekers for giving me an opportunity to serve through my writings and for showering their unconditional affection at all times.

It is essential to remain mindful of the following crucial elements:


Association: The people you surround yourself have a significant impact on the quality and direction of your life and your future. So choose wisely whom you associate with. Keep close proximity with people who manifest saintly qualities and avoid contact with people who engage in vices.


Stay Focused: Have strong control over your mind and senses. Do not get carried away by the three gates that take you to hell i.e. lust, anger and greed. Transcend the modes of nature governing your existence and take charge of your own life and goals.


Firm Faith & Integrity: When things don’t go your way, never lose hope and never give up. Have firm faith on the perfect arrangement made for you by God. Find your higher purpose and work towards it with integrity and complete honesty.


In essence, it is pivotal to recognize the Absolute Truth that we are all spiritual beings, nurturing mutual aspirations, seeking common essentials .i.e. to give and receive love, acceptance, peace, happiness and success besides fulfillment of the basic requirements of food, clothing and shelter. So, when we transcend the basic materialistic perception and its finite scavenges for temporary solutions, our evolutionary development at all platforms significantly accelerates. This leads to insightful holy wisdom, wherein we can discover who we are, get a deeper understanding of what is our position in this universe, our relationship with God, purify our mind and consciousness, identify our higher purpose and learn to appreciate the magical grace of the Divine.  


6. Where can the people find you?



 To receive personalized coaching/counseling/guidance or

To offer suggestions/feedback, please feel free to write at:


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Thank you, Meghna Choudhury, for taking the time to participate in our weekly column “Writer of the Week“.

Best wishes from Phonic Words for your future endeavours.








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