Jagriti Roy ~Writer of the Week~

Jagriti Roy is a blogger and Author of the poetry book ‘Her Random Thoughts‘.



let’s hear her inspiring journey in her words!

1. Please describe Jagriti Roy:

Answer: A blogger who turned into an author in a year. I started my blog in 2017 only which was mainly based on social issues. Essays and poetry on social issues were written on that.

2. Please describe your skill:

Answer: I decided to publish my first poetry book(Her Random Thoughts) in January 2018 when I got mail from a reputed publishing house with all the information about the process of publishing. I grabbed the chance and “Her Random Thoughts” happened.



3. What inspired to pursue your passion?

Answer: Writing was always my passion. I would like to admit that my school friend Ankita taught me every small thing related to blogging in my initial days. I am always grateful to her for that.

4. What are the difficulties you faced and how did you overcome?

Answer: The only difficulty that I faced in my writing career was lack of confidence during my initial days. The quality of my work always kept me in confusion in those days. Honing my passion with time was the only way out to overcome this.

5. Your message to audience/beginners.

Answer: For an audience, my message will be don’t always go for the reputation of a writer go for the quality of their work and for the beginners I will say just one thing “follow your mind”.

6. Where the people can find You?

Answer: Jagritiroy.blogspot.com


Well, here I can share my Instagram ID-@jagritinaihati and Twitter ID- @jagritinaihati
Feel free to follow me.
The book listing links of my poetry book is following
Printed editions available in India:
Printed editions available in International stores:

Thank you, Jagriti Roy, for taking the time to participate in our weekly column “Writer of the Week“.

Best wishes from Phonic Words for your future endeavours.



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