Gail L Frailey ~Artist of the Week~

Gail L Frailey is a writer and an artist. She has actively pursued her career as an artist and currently dabbles in creative writing and painting ceramics. Let's hear her inspiring journey in her words! Please Describe Gail L Frailey: Answer: I am the wife of a retired, disabled Vet; a mom; a grandmother; a cancer survivor;... Continue Reading →


Jules Fox ~Artist of the Week~

Jules Fox is an Artist and a Writer. He writes and illustrates picture books for children. He also writes Middle grade and YA novels. Let's get inspired through his inspiring journey! 1. Please Describe Jules Fox: Answer: My name is Jules Fox and I am an illustrator and author from Hawaii. I like to create picture books and... Continue Reading →

Teresa Guido ~Artist of the Week~

Teresa Guido is an illustrator. Her skills are digital painting, portraits, character design. Her business is focused on the publishing industry. Let's hear her inspiring journey as an illustrator in her words! 1. Please Describe Teresa Guido: Answer: I was born with the artistic vein since I was a child I have always designed, and then embarked on a... Continue Reading →

Rahul Mhetre_An Artist Who Paints innocence!

Are you a fascinated art lover? Do you love paintings? Let me make you meet the talented artist Mr.Rahul Mhetre! Meet Mr.Rahul Mhetre Rahul Mhetre hails from Solapur in Maharashtra. He completed formal art education at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune. His multifaceted thematic work has been showcased in several leading art galleries such as Jahangir Art... Continue Reading →

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