Malcolm & Denise M. Johnson ~Entrepreneur of the Week~

Malcolm and Denise M. Johnson are entrepreneurs. They like to use their creativity to "do it all". Malcolm illustrates, and writes and makes music. Denise writes poetry and stories. Johnson Jr Family Books is the name of their business, where they promote early childhood education. Let's hear their journey in their words! 1. Please Describe Malcolm and... Continue Reading →


Franchesca Dargin ~Entrepreneur of the Week~

Franchesca Dargin is a writer and C.E.O of Talent In Your Face & Author of Debauched Romance. Let's get inspired through her inspiring journey! 1.Please Describe Franchesca Dargin: Answer: I’m the C.E.O/Co-Founder of Talent In Your Face, a small consulting and talent management firm which strongly focuses on helping independent artists, across the entertainment industry, to develop... Continue Reading →

Shubham Dubey ~ “Entrepreneur of the Week”

Shubham Dubey is an entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India. He is the owner of New Laxmi Enterprise. and New Laxmi Travels agency in Mumbai. Here is an interview with the young entrepreneur Shubham Dubey. *** ~Entrepreneur of the Week~ *** 1. Please describe yourself? Answer: I am the web developer and the owner of New Laxmi enterprise and... Continue Reading →

Marmik Ajmera, Co-Founder at Digichefs

“Entrepreneur of the Week” Marmik Ajmera, Co-Founder at Digichefs. Friends are neither just to meet over a cup of Tea nor mere partners in crime. Sometimes they are partners in the successful business! Digital Chefs ( Deep Mehta, Deepak Yewle and Marmik Ajmera ) at Digichefs are the perfect example of a friendship bond between... Continue Reading →

Deep Mehta, Co-Founder at Digichefs

"Entrepreneur of the Week" Deep Mehta, Co-Founder at Digichefs. Digital chefs at  Digichefs knows how to make you taste digital marketing success by putting ingredients of extraordinary marketing and business strategies. It's not less if i say 'You name it and they will make it' for Digichefs. Let's meet One of the digital chefs at Digichefs the versatile, young and... Continue Reading →

Deepak Yewle, Co-Founder at Digichefs

  "Entrepreneur of the Week" Deepak Yewle, Co-Founder at Digichefs. Have you ever heard about Digital Chefs? Digital Chefs knows what all ingredients to put into the digital business to get the best Return On Investment. Let me make you meet the young, dynamic and talented Deepak Yewle, One of the digital chef at Digichefs. Meet Deepak Yewle Deepak... Continue Reading →

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