Hindi Poetry Written By Tushar. Ek daraar do soch ki nishani hai.. Shayad behti nadi bhi do kinaro ki daraar hai.. Kitani bhi koshish karo mitane ki.. Daraar kabhi mit nahi jati.. Jo mitjati hai woh koshish hai.. Aksar daraar k beech fas jati hai .. -By Tushar


Amid Standing Me

Poetry by Phonic Words and Photography by Harmesh Prajapati. One moment or Moments since ages Amid standing me Entrapped memories behind the doors Amid standing me Few were smiling at me; I was smiling at some Amid standing me It varnished a rainbow of memories inside Amid standing me Outside it piebald dark dense clouds Amid... Continue Reading →

This too shall pass!

Poetry Submitted by Soodamittai. This too shall pass! for life is a long walk that crosses sunshine, rain, storm, thunder, autumn, spring, meadows, snow and flowers. for, that long walk is worth to take with your near and dear ones by! yet, you walk alone! you don't walk to reach the end but you walk and walk... Continue Reading →

A Cup Of Tea!

Good idea, Let’s have a cup of Tea! Having a cup of tea, another idea popped up! And this is how_ New start up___started New relationship___began Long lasted conflict___ended Incredible painting___ canvassed Fascinating music beats___Composed Creative graphics___designed New deal__cracked Phonic Words___penned down Have an enlivening sip!   Regards, Phonic Words  

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