Life Is Like Water…

Life is like water, The water of the river. The water which flows continuously, It can't be stored, It can't be stopped, It goes on, It flows, There might come obstacles, There might come places with no definite path, It meanders, It creates oxbows, And continue to flow, It can't go back, It can't reach early... Continue Reading →


Why Should You Go An Average?

"Going an average, doing what you love and loving what you do itself is a process of becoming an excellent" - Phonic Words Sometimes, the valuable time goes waste in the process of becoming excellent. And, In that process, the real joy of living life, creativity and artistic sides go missing. This Realisation comes when... Continue Reading →

Trusting Social Media Over Humanity!!!

Two days back one goose bumpy incident has happened in Ahmedabad city, women lynched over social media rumours! Four women who were beggars thrashed by a mob trusting social media rumours that they belong to child lifting gang and out of four women, one woman embraced death owing to hard thrash! There's a well-known phrase,... Continue Reading →

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