Sara Khan ~Writer of the Week~

Sara Khan is the Author and motivational speaker. She is a food blogger and the owner of the Foodeez Junction. She had written two books, 1. Separated! And 2. How To Create Positive Change in 21 Days. She writes in self-help and non-fiction genre.                          ... Continue Reading →


Shubham Dubey ~ “Entrepreneur of the Week”

Shubham Dubey is an entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India. He is the owner of New Laxmi Enterprise. and New Laxmi Travels agency in Mumbai. Here is an interview with the young entrepreneur Shubham Dubey. *** ~Entrepreneur of the Week~ *** 1. Please describe yourself? Answer: I am the web developer and the owner of New Laxmi enterprise and... Continue Reading →

Andrea Reeves ~Writer of the Week

Andrea Reeves is a writer and the author of the three books.                                                       Here is an exclusive interview with an amazing writer and the author Andrea Reeves. 1. Describe Andrea Reeves: Answer: I am a writer and author of... Continue Reading →

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