The Devil On Two Wheels by Andrea Reeves

A housewife is found murdered after a visit from the local missionaries. Kindling, a small town in Texas wasn’t known for murder. With a pamphlet as his only clue, Detective Nick Slayde vowed to make sure that it stayed that way. Elder Billy Blaylock had bicycled his way into the home stretch of completing his... Continue Reading →


One Bottle Of Merlot ~ Grab Your Copy For Free!

One Bottle Of Merlot “Where’s Trent, Mia? You were the last one to see him.” Mia couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the text message. She was nine-months pregnant stranded in her two-story house in the middle of a hurricane. Due to give birth any day. She hoped her rescuers could save her and... Continue Reading →

Jules Fox ~Artist of the Week~

Jules Fox is an Artist and a Writer. He writes and illustrates picture books for children. He also writes Middle grade and YA novels. Let's get inspired through his inspiring journey! 1. Please Describe Jules Fox: Answer: My name is Jules Fox and I am an illustrator and author from Hawaii. I like to create picture books and... Continue Reading →

Announcement for Project Linked

~Project Linked~ From writers Megha and Rayan from Ink Soaked Soul and The Site of a Confused Teen, we bring you the Project Linked, an initiative to bring together bloggers from around the world and to pour in each of their writing talents and unique styles to create one collaborative story. A story is to be compiled by the... Continue Reading →

Street Photography #BlackAndWhite

Photography by Harmesh Prajapati. About Photography: Photography by Harmesh Prajapati, According to him Street Photography is the reflection of the reality, which people do not notice. With his lenses, He always tries and shows people the simpler things they miss, which matters the most. You can find him here: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Book Your Rental Car on Lowest Prices WorldWide!  

Teresa Guido ~Artist of the Week~

Teresa Guido is an illustrator. Her skills are digital painting, portraits, character design. Her business is focused on the publishing industry. Let's hear her inspiring journey as an illustrator in her words! 1. Please Describe Teresa Guido: Answer: I was born with the artistic vein since I was a child I have always designed, and then embarked on a... Continue Reading →

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