Kinjal Pithadia, Doodling Is Her Art!

A #Doodle is a form of simple drawing which has a representational meaning generally. If I have to tell the perfect example then I would say_ When you are talking on the phone and if pen and paper are under your fingers, the design created is a doodle! You often stumble upon the drawings in... Continue Reading →


Rahul Mhetre_An Artist Who Paints innocence!

Are you a fascinated art lover? Do you love paintings? Let me make you meet the talented artist Mr.Rahul Mhetre! Meet Mr.Rahul Mhetre Rahul Mhetre hails from Solapur in Maharashtra. He completed formal art education at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune. His multifaceted thematic work has been showcased in several leading art galleries such as Jahangir Art... Continue Reading →

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